Thursday, June 24, 2010

Drum & Bass - Pendulum - Bacteria

Had a busy week, haven't had a chance to get out...soon!!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

life is a curious animal.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

these guys are borderline try hards ..but. i still like it. bold. all they need is like one vintage peice to tone it down..(hel looks image)
this guy is rad cuz he doesn't give a fuck. and the cowboy boots make it. 100%
love this look. the bag sorta kills it, but it still rocks..!
omg the girl on the left is fucking amazing and i want that obscenely long hoody. soo rad
(hel looks image)
these pants are serious business. and she could be smuggling any number of things in that lower region. but they are damn cool. (hel looks image)
i love the boots, the colour combination- everything works. and looks lovely with her skin tone! yep. (hel looks image)
this chick is the sheen in the tights..with the reminds me of malibu barbie colour cocktail...but sporty. (hel looks image)
I'm super happy that i finally made this blog, it's something i've wanted to do forever- but just didn't take the time to create. So this week i'll for sure get out on the street and get some rad photo's!! -r

O.Children - Ruins


my co-contributer needs to get online and POST bitch!

pretty creature!

!!!pretty creature is dedicated to beautiful creatures of winnipeg. in toronto. 2 cameras. 2 girls.
!!!rad chicks with hot in drag.....anyone with a slick badass street style will be showcased!!!