Monday, June 2, 2014

I'm Back

It is now June 2014, and I have been entirely inactive on my blog for many months now, really since I left Thailand almost a year ago. For whatever reason I felt I had nothing to say,"out loud" which is interesting considering the huge changes I was making. 
On January,13 2014 I wrote a journal entry in which I mentioned that it had been 10 months since becoming a vegetarian; at the end of the entry I talked about how I was eating too many junky fried foods like jalapeƱo poppers and mozza sticks. 
I devised a plan to cut out dairy twice a week, and incorporate RAW food only days. I started this plan on Jan, 15th: writing in my journal, "it's day 1 of heart me vegan day!! and I have been incredibly successful!" and then I went on to list the foods I ate. 
I went the two days, and then the next week did 4 days..and give or take a few days to iron out the bumps (realizing my favourite lime tortilla chips have milk ingredients) I would say by around Feb 1st, I was 100% veganized, it is now June 2, and I have been vegan for 4 months
I also got a juicer for my birthday, and started having one green juice a day (as well as my regular food intake) starting on April 22nd, and went a full 30 days- quitting finally after experiencing gastrointestinal issues, and a real dent in my bank account. I also found that I sort of stopped eating vegetables, because sub consciously I felt like I was ingesting enough in my juice, but was obviously missing the fibre, which I believe contributed to my weird stomach/bowel issues.
SO, here we are…and why I didn't document my vegan journey right from the start I'm not sure, perhaps I was unsure if I could continue with it? Or more likely, I felt like no body needs another personal vegan blog…but I really enjoy writing in my journal, and it's more fun to write online-because journals can be lost, and forgotten..but these posts will never fade and tear from the spine. 

So today happens to be the day I will begin to document another experiment in my personal journey to better health: I am starting at home yoga/other exercises. You would think that after 4 months of no cheese, no eggs, no butter, no yogurt, no ice cream. NO CHEESE. that I have dropped 25 pounds, but you are sadly mistaken. I didn't quit animals and their bi-products for weight loss, but I did hope that I'd wind up a bit lighter on my feet as an added bonus…:( but no.
I realize that in the last 8 months I have become extremely sedentary, I went from working 5 days a week at a job in which I power walked for a full 8 hours a day, walking to work, and beginning and ending my day with 6 excruciating flights of stairs- to sitting behind a computer screen 40 hours a week. so here goes my attempt at physical activity