Saturday, September 14, 2013

September Dreamin

Well here I am in Wisconsin..feeling the cool winds of fall roll in..I love the change of season..and this year it is especially exciting because I am officially a dual citizen..Canadian and it's so amazing!
I feel like the world is my oyster! I haven't written anything on my blog for awhile, as I hadn't anything much to say..I was focused on working, and preparing for the fall..
I'll be posting regularly now, documenting my journey moving to the US, becoming a Graphic Design student, and discovering a new city!!! There will be trips to Chicago and Milwaukee...and the Twin Cities perhaps..and reviews of local restaurants, cool local bands and anything else I feel like writing!!!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I want to arrange a alternative fashion photo shoot when I get home wardrobed in STRICTLY LATEX!

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Gulf

9 Days Left in Paradise

Here we are, the last 9 days..and I am feeling content; I feel as if I've had a great trip but I am also ready to go home ;)
When I came out here I was hoping for a transformation, a epic spiritual shift..and when nothing happened I felt a little bit cheated.
Then I realized that changes can happen albeit subtle and inconspicuous in nature..changes you don't realize have occurred until you're getting close to going home.

I feel as if I've had a lot of quiet time on this trip, and without the usual hum of traffic, the routine of work, and the act of paying's like my brain has been firing like the 4th of July. (more then usual if that's possible;)
I've actually felt overwhelmed some nights, as I'm trying to fall asleep and my mind just won't shut up and let me rest; Hours upon hours lying awake, next to my boyfriend who's blissfully enveloped in the depths of dreams.
It's almost like all the distractions of regular life at home allow you to sort of ignore the "big" questions or at least push them so far back..that they wind up forgotten when the time allows for reflection.
I always thought of reflecting one one's life as a chosen "ok today- I'm getting out my notebook and I'm gonna mind map..I'm gonna list pro's and con's..I'm going to attack this with a systematic efficiency." But on this trip..I've drifted into the dusty depths of my mind, and with the sounds of the sea crashing onto the shore..I've felt a whole spectrum of emotion..

I think we all look and wait for the "light bulb" moments...or we read "Eat Pray Love" and feel inspired to abandon our material pleasures, strap a filthy sac to our backs and head out on the beaten find an awakening in the bottom of a teacup whilst sitting cross legged at "Ethos" vegan restaurant, smoking apple shi sha with the alluring beatnik from Bali..but it doesn't necessarily wind up being that sensual and exotic....;)

Sometimes all you need is a step back, and a stack of books, and a small budget that leaves you ship wrecked on Koh Chang for 3 weeks with nothing but a shitty internet connection and a weathered beach front hut..oh and a fresh minty mojito at the end of a sun soaked afternoon spent bobbing in the massive waves in Gulf of Thailand!

What I'm trying to say is...these moments of clarity we seek, can be found when you allow your mind to be open, and exposed...when you ask the universe to feel a connection..when you shed your layers and open up your heart...and when you give everything you have to the cause that is your life and yourself..and then you start to feel the changes..the growth..and hopefully all you've dreamt for yourself will be free to stream into your path and manifest itself in you!!!!!

love love love love to you xxxxxxxxoooooo

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blog Updates

There's a few things I would like to do to upgrade this blog- but they're going to have to wait until I get back to Canada, and back to making money!

1. Upgrade to a paid site. I would like to get my own domain name, and take my blog to the next level. This is primarily because I want to have more creative control over the way my blog looks- I want to really personalize it, so it stands out from the rest..

2. Get a new smart phone. My black berry is DONE, beyond done..and my contract is finally up at the end of the summer- at which point I'll be getting either a Samsung Galaxy or an Iphone..which will allow me to have the ease of uploading more pictures and videos to my blog.

3. Take a Blogacademy workshop with Gala, Kat, and Shauna..This will have to wait until they're coming back to North America after their tour in Australia and New Zealand..but I'll be at the first location that's within driving distance!!

4. Even before I get home I'm going to introduce a few different categories, so I can properly file my posts in an organized way..So I can refine my areas of interest so my blog has more of a "niche."

5. I'd like to reach out to more bloggers, people just starting out as well as those that have been blogging for years..I would like to create a small crew of like minded bloggers that can bounce ideas off of one another..(Gala suggests this on her blog)

So..has anyone out there recently upgraded from a free to a paid site? What would you suggest or recommend?


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Eating in Thailand

I haven't posted anything on this topic in awhile so I thought I'd shed some light..

In the last few weeks there's been some favourites:
-Scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast
-Tom Yum soup with rice noodles
-Mixed veggies in either ginger + soy, sweet n sour or just soya sauce..with 1/2 the portion of rice

I've had a cup of coffee maybe 3x in the last 2.5 weeks..It's rather expensive..40 baht in most places for an Americano..and 50-60 for a latte. Actually- I shouldn't say it's "expensive" but the prices here don't make much sense.. 
For example, at this restaurant it costs 35 baht for scrambles eggs, 25 baht for 2 slices of toast- so that's 60 baht for a meal..and a latte is the same price as the meal? So it doesn't seem worth it on most days ;)

I alternate the soup from lunch to dinner..everywhere I have tried this soup it tastes slightly the Thai's say "same same-but different"
In this particular restaurant they put a lot of coconut milk in it, and a fair amount of oil- which I'm guessing is palm..which bothers me because both are not the best to be eating everyday!

I tried ordering it without coconut milk, and it was extremely lemony..and had no oil at all..
As I mentioned I've been eating it with rice noodles because they only have egg tofu here, and I really dislike the texture (slimy and soft) but I am concerned with the amount of carbs I'm ingesting..and they do not have brown rice here.

That is the #1 obstacle I have found that stands between me and losing weight as a Vegetarian in Thailand: CARBS. Because I'm not filling up on meat, I crave the carbs to get me to the next meal, but I have been feeling very lethargic lately..and I'm guessing the carbs are to blame (in combination with the heat) They also don't have any bean options...and very little in terms of salads..

If I remove the rice noodles and coconut milk from the soup, and replace the toast for breakfast with fruit, perhaps I would notice some results?
So today is June 5th..we leave to return home on June I have 19 days to try this out..

Monday, June 3, 2013

Too Old For Piercings?

What do you guys think? Is there an age where getting new piercings just isn't cool anymore?
What age.... 20? 30? 40?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Getting Stuff Done

This post is inspired by Sally Hope's latest post about Pure Barre..and "embracing the shake" ..she wrote about how great it feels when you trudge forth..when your thighs are burning..and all you want to do is give up- but you don't. And it's sooooo worth it in the end!!!

What I've noticed in the last 3 months or so: I'm getting things done.
Big things
Like I'm consistently writing for this blog
Like I actually came to Thailand
Like I'm still a Vegetarian.
I HAVEN'T BEEN GIVING UP! This is an absolute breakthrough for me..a real progression from my old ways...
For years I've thought that maybe there was something wrong with me..why can't I finish projects that I start? Why do I drop out of University when the going gets rough? Why can't I consistently exercise and eat healthy? Why haven't I started a band? Why am I sitting here asking myself why I am such a procrastinator?!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!!!!!!!
I always thought there would be a "lightening moment" when the answer would be hurled down from the heavens by a glorious Greek God...but rather it has happened with such subtlety..

Maybe it is finally my time..maybe I have reached an age where I finally know who I am..and what I want from life..and it was all the "mis-steps" and wrong turns that in fact led me here. To where I am supposed to be. It hasn't been an easy route I tell ya..but goddamnit! I have arrived!
The million dollar question is of course..HOW? How did I actually morph into this person that's a "Do-er" as opposed to a "talker"...
I think I just started. And this is something my mom has told me FOREVER. but it's so hard to listen to somebody really have to live it..and figure it out the hard way..for things to really sink in..she knew this from her life experience..and I needed to log some experiences before it made sense for me.
Even though I have 2 followers (including myself) I write this blog like a million girls are reading..I'm faking it till I make it...I'm putting myself into the shoes of a successful blogger..and walking around in them..I'm wearing the hat of the DO-ER and have thus BECOME one.
Even though these are small steps..just putting them into motion..and maintaining them everyday for a length of time..have put this vessel into a forward trajectory..and a body in motion stays in motion. stays in motion.......BELIEVE THAT!

Tell you suffer from some of the things I mentioned above?
How have you dealt with your lack of direction..and inability to act on your ideas and dreams...?
Are you still wading through the murky waters of the unknown....? Or have you too found your rhythm in the wind and are now full speed ahead..?

Hit me up!

xox rache

Body Love

Although this is a message from the Bible, and I'm not a religious person..I have always identified with the idea of our bodies being our temples..In that we should respect them and honour them...that we should care for ourselves in the same tender and loving way that we would care for a child..and not just in a physical sense, but also caring for ourselves emotionally..understanding that we have all we need within us..the strength..the confidence..the unwavering love..the be able to overcome any obstacle and pursue every dream..
so what's the problem?
well this is really hard to remember when you're struggling to pay your bills..when you find yourself "stuck" in a life situation- such as a bad relationship, or a shit job..but that's why I'm writing this blog post! If we have enough reminders along the way, then maybe thinking of our bodies as temples will become as natural as our perpetual negativity ex: "if i could only lose 15 pounds then i'd be happier"

Today we decided to rent a kayak..and as we paddled out to sea I glanced back at the all the girls in their bikini's..and thought about how insecure I am most of the time where my physical body is concerned...
then I thought about how confident I have felt here..wearing my tiny triangle top, and string tie's interesting that at home my usual attire is tights, super long tank top that covers my bum, loose t shirt over top..with infinity scarf and vest or jacket..that's A LOT of clothing!!!!
Our climate in Canada is def. not conducive to bikini's in most months..but I think that is part of the reason why I feel so uncomfortable!! we spend months wrapped in layers like mummies..and then when summer comes- we peel away the onion to expose a white blotchy pallor and a hula hoop of pizza dough that used to resemble a stomach...perhaps an extreme example..but you get my point!
That's what I love about warm's too damn hot to be insecure girl! toss those layers in the trash..and embrace your BODY...because a have a sneaking suspicion that you look a lot better then you think..oh and PS- there's nothing that a great golden brown tan can't hide! ;)

What I also notice about being on the beach..and looking at a lot of that they are all so effing different! It's unbelievable that we even bother trying to compare ourselves to each other..that's like a kiwi trying to compare herself to a banana..both fruits are so different in texture, flavour, and shape! But they are both delicious! You feel me?
This may seem very elementary..but how often do you really sit down and think about body envy logically? The reality is we can't make curvaceous hips flatten and disappear..and you can't make short legs let's just embrace our lovely selves!

xox PC

Friday, May 31, 2013

Vodka Redbull Buckets and Rainstorms

Last night was so epic! We took a walk down the beach road to try and find something to do, and met a young American guy who was also looking for a party. We found ourselves at this awesome little bar with a fun DJ playing awesome music...the beer was buy one get one free..and we started off with a Chang Export..and then on to the buckets!!!
We had awesome in depth conversations with the American about everything from grow ops to tattoo's..and as the sky began to swell and the rain came pouring down, the people on the streets began to charge into the tiny bar...pretty soon it was packed with soaked travellers..throwing up high fives and hugging complete strangers..
We met this one Australian guy that has been here about 3 weeks, and was introducing us to all the we were old was so awesome! So we're all dancing and talking and wobbling around with our buckets in tow..when all of a sudden a crack of thunder and the power is OUT! music lights everything shut down...and then everyone just starts laughing and yelling and woooooo!!!!!!! and when they flashed back on..and the bass resumed it's heavy thumppp the party kicked up into high this point the rain is like a monsoon, it's a river rushing through the street outside the bar..dogs and cats are taking refuge under the bar tables..and it's just madness!!!! The power went out another 3 times..and it just fired everyone up even more..just the realization that wholly shit! we are actually  partying in a monsoon rainstorm on an island in the Gulf of Thailand right now?!! So epic.

The walk home was even better then the party..Shaun and I were staggering down the middle of the road..rain pummelling our bodies..and singing "in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight" at the TOP of our lungs..(I even pulled out my shitty camera with the broken screen and took some ghost shots of us..unfortunately my computer couldn't read those particular files, and wouldn't import those photo's- but I did get some other good one's from that night :)
When we got back to Siam Huts, there was a few people sitting around having drinks..and I bummed a menthol off a Thai girl..and while my back was turned her ladyboy friend was blowing Shaun kisses- much to his horror LOL...
We headed back to the room and stayed up for hours talking every possible topic known to man, and fell asleep to the sound of the storm.
What an amazing night
Tell me what YOU did last night!!!!!!

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rate My Thailand Destinations!!!!

Brief Rundown of The Islands

Overall Rating between 1-10
1 being shit
10 being fucking phenom.
(This rating is based on a BUDGET traveller's perspective, operating at roughly 500 baht per day.......)

-I feel I cannot give a fair rating of this place, because we only stayed for one night. But I will give you my first impression: Not overly impressed.
We stayed in Patpong Beach..and it was really busy..full of touristy bars and restaurants..
If you want to party super hard in the bars and pay out the ass for drinks- you'll for sure love this place..
if you're looking for a laid back vibe and backpacker scene- miss this one for sure!
(or only go for few nights

-Absolutely stunning scenery; if you're looking for that image you get when you google picture "Thailand Beaches" you'll find it in and around Ko Phi Phi!!! Complete with the limestone cliffs, the turquoise water, the white sand, and beach bars with fire dancers...
-No motorized vehicles allowed on the island, which is very cool in my opinion..
-Very dense with shops, bars, restaurants, tattoo shops etc...lots of day trips offered..scuba diving etc..just very bust in general...I can't imagine what it'd be like in the "high season" INSANE!
-Once you've spent a few nights partying here, move on..we stayed for 7 days- which was far too long for us..I also suggest going here after about 1.5 weeks after arriving in Thailand..b/c we were pretty jet-lagged still, and couldn't stay awake long enough to partake in all the crazy parties..
-People complained that food was expensive here, but honestly you can find pretty cheap and very expensive no matter what place you're in..but the cheapest we found was 50 baht for Pad Thai and fried rice from a little kiosk style restaurant on the "party side" of the beach...
-The accommodation is where Phi Phi lacked; we expected a trillion cheap backpacking dorms..because PP is known for being a young party place..but there wasn't much in the way of budget! We stayed in an absolute shack of a room for 500 baht a night..with a shared bathroom..and a fan..and it was shit..seriously, we didn't think it was that bad at the time, until we had been here longer, and stayed in other places..and it wasn't even a private was just a room in a rundown avoid "The Pier" at all costs!!!!!
-We saw an awesome infinity pool right on the beach..and would have loved to stay there if it had been cheaper then 1000 baht for a fan room!!!!

-Stayed in Ao Nang..which I have already posted about...check it out!!!
-Regrets: would have checked out Railay Bach if we'd had more common sense! Would have had twice as much money! boo hoo

-Awesome hostel...Hacienda !! woot woot!!
-Part of town we were in had a random vibe..not so sure I loved it-it was a'ight..I would have liked to stay in Haad Rin for a week as well- if given a second chance..
-Parties? Well we heard mixed reviews of the Halfmoon..which we were considering attending..but when we found out is was 600 baht per person to get in..we scratched that off the old list!
The general response from those that attended was split pretty much down the middle..The people our age (late twenties) disliked it, or thought it was so so..and the people in their early twenties FUCKING LOVED take that however you like...
-The beach in front of Hacienda was shit. It was full of rocks..and primarily the water was ick..there were weird half structures made out of wood sticking out of the something was under construction, and then got abandoned..The tide was out during the you had to walk for a million miles to get to any depth you could swim in...thank god for the pool!

-awesome! read my previous post...

..I'll add this one in a week or so.....stay tuned

Koh Chang

We have found a great place to stay in Koh Chang called Siam Huts...we're paying 260 Baht for a BEACH FRONT is very if you're looking for luxury- don't bother! 
It has a super comfy king size bed&mosquito net, a private bathroom, and a balcony with 2 chairs..

The common area consists of a giant deck overlooking the water, with table&chairs and little cushions and low tables..depending on your style ;) Music is playing throughout the day, and at night they roll out the giant projector screen to show Hollywood Blockbusters in English. (w/Thai subtitles) 
We've had one meal so far at the restaurant, and the portion of meat and veggies- or just veggies for my vegetarian pretty small..whereas they give you a giant portion of rice..random?
The prices are pretty good for a restaurant..I paid 60 baht for mixed veg in sweet n sour sauce..
They have a bar as well..and on Friday nights there's apparently a big party with DJ and cheap 99 baht buckets...
Driving the scooters through town (200 baht for 24 hours) we noticed flyers for other parties..there's one maybe we'll check that out?! The tiny little town near to our resort has everything you could really need..bars, laundry, restaurants, 7-11 etc..
We took our scooters up the island to White Sand Beach..and there are 2 other beach "towns" in between...the road goes from flat to OBSCENELY nuts..I had a vice grip on my break..I went about 40 km/hr and it only took us 15-20 mins to go from here to there..We may stay here for a few days, and then try another place (if we find something better)

What are my complaints about our hut/resort? 
-The water pressure is literally drips out of the head..I was laughing out loud when I realized how long it would take me to rinse the shampoo out of my hair..
-There is no internet in the hut, which is understandable for 260 baht a night..but I do expect to have access to internet in the common area- which was not working today. So we walked 2 mins down the beach to the next resort called "Nature Beach"..and I am currently enjoying a Chang beer and free WIFI. ;) problem solved!

Koh Chang is officially our last stop before we head back to Bangkok before departing home..and I was thinking about how I would compare it to the other islands we have maybe I'll create a separate post rating each place we've visited on a scale?!!!


Tuesday, May 28, 2013



After writing my previous post about tattoo's, and ending off mentioning my anchor..I was moved by all of the memories that came flooding into my are a few..

-jumping off the dock into the water with my brother- and getting my gramma to rate our moves out of 10.. 
-sunset boat cruises with my family-sitting at the very front of the boat with my legs dangling, and the wind rushing through my tangled hair... 
-my dad pulling me on waterski's..and then me driving and him while he ski'd barefoot
-picking wild blueberries for morning pancakes...
-pulling garden carrots with my grandma
-having tea parties on my special rock out by the road, and with my white plastic tea set with the red hearts...
-walking through the woods, smoking tea leaves with my brother...thinking we were cool as shit
-making up dances with my friend Jaymie to Britney Spears and Hole- in the same afternoon
-tending to my grandpa's cuts..he'd call for me "noyse!" and I'd get out the Bactine spray and the bandaids
-drinking my grandma's chocolate slimfast thinking she wouldn't notice
-going out with my guy friends to awesome lake parties..blasting Bon Jovi and The Eagles singing and dancing and drinking..
-driving down Storm Bay in my moms Pontiac 6000 at 80 km/hr ripping turns with my bikini tied on to the antenna!
-listening to Metallica and Iced Earth in the Tempo with the hole in the floor
-going to sailing and windsurfing camp..and getting my white sail levels
-getting my boating license
-eating my gramma's delicious pineapple upside down cake for desert
-baking gingerbread cookies with my gramma
-going down to my grampa's workshop, and building doll furniture
-reading cosmo's on the dock suntanning with oil.
-the smell of the pine tree's in the winter air
-writing and singing songs- while drinking red wine and smoking ciggarettes, in the coach house by candle light
-having a drink with my grandparents during "cocktail hour" Appleton's rum and coke, or Vodka and orange juice..always Tropicana...
-having "tidbits" at lunch with my grandparents..(cheddar cheese, kalbassa sausage, sweet pickles, liver wurst & mayo, cream cheese and red pepper jelly on Ritz crackers)

There's sooo many more ....

And even in my older years when working and other obligations have kept me from the lake... when I can make it out on the odd weekend..I still feel the same sense of peace come over me as I drive down Storm Bay Road... and I know that...I am coming home...

xox PC

Talking Tattoo's

One of my favourite things to do, is to brainstorm ideas for future tattoo's; I also love to hear about other people's ideas..! 

I prefer collecting individual tattoo's over time relating to a similar theme, rather then sitting down for a full tattoo from shoulder to wrist- although when it comes to certain area's of the body such as chest and back...I think I would make an exception to my little rule ;)
I like to think about my ideas for a long time, I sketch my ideas, I have an "inspiration" folder on my laptop where I collect images that resonate with me. I have found over the years that my ideas all revolve around really traditional themes like anchors, ships, stars, waves etc..but done in black & grey and omitting the bright primary colours typical of that style. So I'd say Black & Grey, Fineline, Realism would be my preference.

I knew I wanted a tattoo since I was about 14, and was really into creating a "cool look" for myself..I had all these ideas about how I wanted to dress, do my hair, what jewellery I wanted to wear, how I wanted to do my makeup etc..and having tattoo's was always part of that image. I felt like having a personal style, and presenting myself to the world in a way that matched how I felt inside was extremely necessary for me. 
My mom was strongly against tattoo's and piercings, and I don't think I even thought about asking her to sign for me- I knew I'd be waiting for april 29th 2003 when I turned 18. In the mean time I was obsessed with makeup and actually used oil pastels to create eye shadow effects, giving these "looks" names like "sunrise"..I was also really into Value Village, and in those days it was still full of awesome vintage stuff. I used to wear t-shirts from the little boys section, and baggy jeans..full on TLC style!..then at 16 I got my nose pierced using a fake ID and I was on my way!!

So finally after about a year of brainstorming ideas I decided on my first tattoo: It would be "VERITAS" a latin word meaning "truth" I got it tattoo'd in a gothic/old english style up my left calf. My boyfriend at the time paid for it for my 19th birthday, I remember the artist saying- "Are you sure? this is a little big for your first one.." hahaha
The tattoo was meant to remind myself to always be true to who I am; that I want to be alternative and I would never settle for a life that was average, and that required me to look a certain way. I think it was also a statement in rebellion against my mom, as she always warned me that I wouldn't get a good job with tattoo's and piercings..

The 2nd one I got was 2 skeleton keys crossed with an"R" underneath..on my left forearm. At the time it looked so badass and massive, but nowadays it looks so small!!! I got it in Valporaiso, Indiana whilst on a road trip with best friend Breanna Little. We were in Chicago to see a few screamo bands, and when I was turned away for not being 21, I was told that "they'll do it in Indiana" So we drove across the border and got it done! Bre got a skeleton key on a rosary around her ankle..and I'll never regret that tattoo for the rest of my life! We both loved the antiquity and mystery the skeleton key evoked in our awesome representation of the vibe we loved.

The 3rd one was an interesting story, Bre and I had gone to Minneapolis for a fun weekend and I went into the shop with an image of a sweet pinup girl. The artist told me pinups weren't his strong suit, so instead of going somewhere else, I just pulled another idea out of my journal- a set of wings! So I got those on either side of my right ankle. I don't remember them having any meaning, except now they represent yet another awesome road trip with Bre!

Between the ages of 22-26 I didn't get any tattoo's because:
#1 I was always broke and in between jobs 
#2 I was soooo indecisive! I had a folder entitled "Tattoo Ideas" that I filled with print outs from the internet, personal drawings, bullet point ideas on napkins and on the insides of ciggerette packs..
I had so many ideas, and I wasn't 100% on any of them for a prolonged period of time, or I didn't know how to organize my ideas into pieces..
I think It was because I was trying to draw the finished product myself, as opposed to simplifying the process:
putting down a deposit and paying monthly until I could afford it- and allowing the artist to assimilate my ideas, and use their fine art skills to come up with the finished product. Seems to logical now, but that wasn't how I operated then!

So after all those years I realized I had a similar theme going on, and felt like I have known who I am for a long time, and my look really isn't going to change... so I should just start already!

Tattoo #4
An anchor with a bow and heart going through the centre..with the words "Storm Bay Road" written above and below the image. I got this one on my right forearm.
This tattoo means the most to me, in that it represents my absolute LOVE for my cabin at Lake of the Woods in Ontario. Most of my fondest memories are from the years I spent summers there...

My next piece is going to be a half sleeve: 
a gypsy/sugar skull inspired girl..with a bandana tied in the front like a pinup..on my left upper arm...from my elbow up about 5 inches..(i think- i suck at estimations) I'm getting roses from an ariel perspective..and on the inside of my arm I'm thinking of a stormy water scene- with crashing waves, thunder clouds and lightening..maybe a lighthouse..
This tattoo just represents me and again the lake, I love the mysticism of the gypsy lifestyle.. and the art celebrating Mexico's Day of The Dead..the magic of the seasons..and the wildness of a storm on the water at's just magical..that's what this tattoo is..just a beautiful magical girl..and all her dreams and yearnings...

SO....I want to hear alllll about YOUR tattoo's- what are their meanings or lack thereof?..and what do you have in store for the future ??!!!!

xox PC

Sunday, May 26, 2013


So we have been in BKK now for maybe 5 days? I can't keep track! and I am really really loving it..
Typically the average traveller arrives in Bangkok, stays for 1 or 2 days and then moves on to the culture rich north or the sun soaked islands in the south; but if you're into cities, and you have more then 2 or 3 weeks in Thailand, you should def. give Bangkok at least 5 days to see all that this city has to offer.

1. Find a hotel with a rooftop swimming pool!
(Most places don't care if you bring in your own booze purchased for cheap at 7-11) This is an awesome way to meet cool friends!
-We found one at Buddy Lodge on Khao San Rd, they charge 200 baht to get in for the day.

2. Find out where the Thai's party..
-Khao San has recently become trendy for young Thai hipsters to hang is no longer just for "stingy Farangs"
-Buddy Lodge has a venue on the 1st floor right next to the elevator that has Thai bands every night..we saw an awesome ska band that reminded me of No Doubt..the club was bursting at the seams with young cool Thai's..they come with a group of friends and order a bottle of booze, and then mix..NOBODY drinks was so cool to be there!
-There's another spot on Soi Rambuttri (the street that runs parallel to Khao San) where we saw a local band, and again- that club was packed!
-The cool thing about these Thai venues is they don't charge cover!

3.Go see a movie
-They have a bunch of movie theatres here, some that play Western blockbusters (played in English, and subtitled in Thai) and others that play everything from edgy cinema from Thailand to films from France!
-They have VIP movie theatres as well where you can order food, and alcohol..

4.The Forensic Museum at the University
-Check out co-joined twins, and victims of murder
-40 baht to get in

5.Siam City Waterpark
-300 baht to get in

6.Dusit Zoo
-check out giraff's, black panthers, lions, the seal show (awesome btw) monkeys, crocodiles, ZEBRA'S!!! etc..
-100 baht to get in

7.Check out the scene areas other then KSR:
-Victory Monument

There's obviously a million more things to do, but it's a start!

Monday, May 20, 2013

A Little Taste of Heaven On Earth

i wake first thing in the morning
in the mirror paint mascara and lush matte lips
my 1st french press a heartfelt gift
patiently wait for the brew to darken..push and compress
rich almond milk.vanilla rice dream.heavenly soy mist
golden agave nectar.perfect honey.lovely monday
creamiest. vanilla foam top.cinnamon swirl
sip from a delicate blue teacup with a golden edge
the simple joys of being a girl
warm sun streams in through the kitchen window
incense unfurls & dispels it's magical embrace
vivaldi plays and the room is alive
a little taste of heaven on earth

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Losing Weight While Backpacking In Thailand

So in order to maintain current weight, or lose some pounds while backpacking in Thailand, I have been told to avoid:
-Curries made with coconut milk
-Blended beverages like milkshakes, smoothies, thai iced coffee's
-White rice
-Fried spring rolls
-White bread
-Thai salads (the ones with peanut sauces, and sugars added)
-Thai pancakes
-Pad Thai
-Copious amounts of beer and cocktails (duh)

I find this very disheartening, considering it would be rather impossible to backpack around Thailand without consuming some of those foods on a weekly, if not daily basis..white rice???? My god! I don't believe I've come across brown rice since I've been here; and I definately have not seen a slice of flax seed bread! So I am miffed. What in the world should we eat? If you're like me and were actually hoping to LOSE a couple pounds before getting home..

Some Ideas:

-Tom Yum Soup (request that they use minimal oil)
-Hard broiled egg and tons of fresh fruit
-Mixed salads with the oil+vinegar on the SIDE
-Mixed vegetable stir fry with half the rice 
-Spring rolls that aren't fried (the ones wrapped in rice paper)

So for the next 7 days, I'm going to try out these ideas, and see how I feel. By the way- earlier on in the trip, like the first 7-10 days I was eating Pad Thai and green curry like every day...but since I've been ill for the last 7 days I have avoided those two choices entirely. 

Is there anyone else out there who is currently in Thailand, and struggling to find healthy options???
Let me know!!!!!

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Making friends and The "Waterfall" Party

We've met so many awesome people at this hostel, and we've met them all at the pool! Couples, single dudes, single girls, name it! And the awesome part is, we've all become like a big crew of friends..
About 13 of us piled into 2 cabs (the back of a pickup truck) and went to the "Waterfall Party" which was described on the hand bill as: "lovely waterfall cascading into shimmering pools" or something along those lines..when we arrived we were dropped off at the mouth of a jungle road, which took about 10 minutes to trek up and into the party spot..we could here the minimalist trance thumping in the jungle humidity.
It was a super cool setting for a party..UV paint stands everywhere, fire dancers, kiosks selling buckets, food etc..right in the middle of a frickin jungle! We got there before 10PM because it was free, and were glad we did so, because we decided to leave about an hour was just too hot and too intense..and Shaun in particular didn't feel comfortable, and more importantly- THERE WAS NO WATERFALL. THERE WAS NO SHIMMERING POOLS. It was stark dry. So although that was a major let down, I'm glad we at least checked it out...

My Vegetarian Journey Thailand

Well I wanted to give ya'll an update on how my vegetarianism is goin out here in T-land.

Here's what I'm eating roughly 3x per day:

-mixed fruit (pineapple, mango, banana, watermelon)+yogurt+muesli
-Toast with butter and jam
-Tom Yum soup (tomato, onion, carrots, mushrooms, baby corn)
-Mixed salad (cucumber, tomato, shredded carrots, onions, oil and vinegar dressing)
-Pad Thai without egg (i am SO SICK of eggs!)
-Fries :( not healthy..but honestly sometimes I just need that home flavour!
-Mixed veg with ginger and rice
-Sushi!!! I discovered an awesome "night market" and lo and behold..a sushi cart!!!! Surprisingly, the Wasabi is not very potent here.. Weird eh?!

I haven't been eating a lot of curries lately b/c my stomach hasn't been feeling to well for the last week. So the variety is really slim, and I've been tempted to expand my vegetarianism into pescetarianism...but dude, I can't eat the fish! I just CAN'T..
I have def. been feeling a lack of nutrition here, there is virtually no options in terms of tofu, seitein, or Tempeh products. I really regret not bringing multi vitamins, and am afraid to take my iron supplement for fear of constipation..soooooo it's been tough- aint gonna lie.

I'm renting a scooter tomorrow, and maybe I can find an awesome Vegan/Vegetarian eatery where I can indulge in a delicious meal..
OMG all I want is a Veggie burger, Dragon Bowl Salad and coffee with soy milk from the greatest vegan restaurant ever-- MONDRAGON IN WINNIPEG!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Taking A Chill Day To Reflect

Do you feel guilty when you'd rather stay in and sleep rather then hit the beach on a beautiful day in Thailand? I do.
And I really need to get over it-because some days I just don't feel like being "on" as I've heard other travellers call it.
Sometimes I just want to read in my bunk, browse the internet for 5 hours, or just sleep; but somehow I always feel like I "should" be out exploring, meeting people, or just laying on the beach.

Even at home I am a serial "do-er" and it is really hard for me to allow myself to just take a nap, or do nothing on a day off from work. I always have some project or activity I'd like to do- write a song, do a photo shoot, browse a bookstore, meet a friend for coffee, research medicinal mushrooms and chinese herbs, sketch potential logo's for my clothing brand, working on my children's book, make sushi ETC. It never ends!!! And I do those things in my spare time when I'm not at work 40 hours a week.

So being in Thailand, with 100% free time is quite the adjustment-I'm not sure how to structure my time, when not doing a specific activity like visiting a waterfall. We can't afford to do activities every day, or even every week!
Today I slept in until 11:30am, woke up and read my book for an hour or so, walked to get lunch, ate it on the hostel patio, checked my email, went back up to bed and watched "Lock Up Abroad" for 2 hours, then read my book for another 1.5 hours, and have now been on the internet for 2 hours.
It was an alright day, but I feel kind of unaccomplished..and I don't want to fee like that!!!

I want to realize that it is ok to just not do anything in a day; To enjoy quiet time from start to finish, and not feel the urge to always be "productive." but...
I wanted to do some introspection on this trip, to really think about my life, and where I want it to go on a really deep level- and I don't know how to do that?
Maybe it's because I'm still hanging on to routine and order..and am taking awhile to slowly let go of the hustle hustle lifestyle that is North America.
But..maybe I am already content? and I don't need to do any hard thinking about my future because I like the way it is unravelling naturally?

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

I.D Interview with Brooke Candy

Inspired by Brooke Candy

Well I'm chillin here in Thailand..and taking a day off from the beach, I'm catching up with my old friend, you tube!
I listened to Brooke Candy's "Don't Touch My Hair Hoe" and I just LUV her.
I then watched an interview with her on I-D online, and she comes across as a super intelligent, interesting chick who I'd love to have a conversation with ( and write a song with :)
She found what she loves- rapping, and spreading a message of awesomeness, and acceptance, and who gives a fuck attitude..and she is 100% living her dream. THAT is super inspiring to me!
That level of total acceptance of self-and drive and determination to pursue your own happiness, is something that I hope to achieve with my own dreams and aspirations.
:) :) xoxoxoxoxoxo

Monday, May 6, 2013

What's It Like At Ao Nang Backpacker Dormitory?

We decided to move on from our 600/Baht a night private room, that was beyond our budget; We took the scooters down the main road about 5 minutes, and Shaun spotted this place. We popped in and inquired about the facilities:
-1 bed in a very clean, and very modern..Air/con mixed dorm with thick blankets and a comfy mattress was a mere 150/Baht !!!!!!!
-A lovely patio with comfy cushioned chairs (a rare occurrence in Thailand) and tables
-Big TV playing western movies
-Fridge to store food and drink purchased from the grocery store (instead of eating out every single day)
-Cafe selling coffee, tea, smoothies and shakes.
-Extremely clean facility with WIFI in dorms, and patio
Another plus is the two people who either work here or own the place, are very friendly and hospitable, and speak good english. I am excited to explore the little strip of restaurants, shops, and bars around the hostel! I'll update later with photo's (my camera broke, so I am using Shaun's IPhone)

Should You Rent A Scooter In Thailand?


The Myths about renting scooters in Thailand:
-The roads are very dangerous
-The drivers are maniacs
-The scooters themselves can be faulty, and rundown
-The companies that rent you the scooter can charge you 10,000 Baht if they detect that something has been damaged-even if nothing has
-You're better off to just pay for an organized tour, on a safe, air conditioned government bus

The Realities:
-I felt very safe on the roads in Thailand, more so then I do at home
-The drivers are 100% conscientious of other motorists
-Road rage does not exist here, people are insanely calm and courteous
-The scooters were brand new, 2013 models, impeccably kept. If you want to find a run down scooter I'm sure you could find one..but a short stroll down the main beach road in Ao Nang turned up half a dozen or more shops..all renting top of the line bikes.
-Organized tours are a total rip off, unless you are unable or unwilling to explore on your own. The buses are not that nice, and isn't it more fun to enjoy a 2 hour drive with the wind blowing through your hair- on your own time anyways?

When standing on the side of the road watching the traffic go by it looks intimidating because of the sheer volume of motorists. Scooters, motorcycles, trucks, tuk tuks, cabs, cars all together, driving on the opposite side of the can be very scary to look at. But once we got in the mix, it was hardly frightening..there is a beautiful rhythm to the traffic here, people moving in and out peacefully. Slower scooters stay to the extreme left, and cars and faster scooters use the main lane..but even so, they honk the horn when coming up behind you as a warning, and give you a large birth when passing.

We met our friends from Saskatchewan at noon at the local McDonald's, and went to rent our scooters; We decided to each get one because we both wanted to experience driving, and figured 100 Baht for gas wasn't too bad!
It was scary at first getting used to the other side of the road, but within 15 minutes I felt quite alright! We scooted down the beach road to the very end, and discovered a really cool park where it seems the local Thai's hang out. The tide was out so we walked out on the sand littered with shells towards the limestone islands, that you normally couldn't access. We found a spot where there was a bit of water to swim, although it was an overcast day and eventually started to rain, it was a surreal feeling to be in water warm as a bath, with ice cold rain pouring down from above.
We ate lunch at a tasty seafood joint, I had the Tom Kah soup with no meat, which was nice and spicy to cure my hangover!
Then the real adventure to see the Emerald Pools! Apparently these warm pools are the colour of emeralds, and you are able to swim in them. Our journey led us winding down the amazing highways, through magnificent limestone cliff passes, and then dipping low into pure jungle. We saw a sleeping buddha statue the size of a semi truck, tucked on her side under the lip of a limestone cliff; she was among a peaceful area spotted with temples, and shrines and beautiful trees with trunks so big you could drive a car through.
We drove for 2 hours or so..and wound up at a national park with an awesome waterfall..we hiked through literal jungle, complete with hanging vines Tarzan could swing on, and an orchestra of exotic jungle sounds.
At about 6pm we left the National park, as the darkness fell I realized my headlight and tail light did not work- this was a very scary realization; I am on a scooter, I am driving on the opposite side of the road, and I must drive on a highway in the dark, with no lights, for 2 hours. Luckily I was able to ride behind Holly+John and in front of Shaun with his high beams on. At one point I decided it would be better to follow Shaun, as my presence was creating a black shadow on the highway in front of me, and I was unable to see very well. It was going well for awhile, until Shaun either sped up- or I slowed down..and he was gone and everything went black. I panicked-screaming his name and flashing my turn signal, and honking my horn; I wildly slammed the bike towards the shoulder, stopped and hoped that he heard me and would turn back. It was honestly the scariest 30 seconds of my life, I couldn't see my hand in front of my face, I was on the side of the road, with traffic coming up behind me, and was immobile with fear, crying and shaking in absolute black. Shaun came back, and gave me his bike, and I followed him the hour back to the beach. WOW.
It was an awesome day, and a brilliant experience, minus the lights thing..and I would def. suggest renting your own scooter. It really opens up your capacity for experiences, taking you off the beaten tourist path, and into a more authentic immersion into the Thai life. Even just to hop on the scooter, and find a new restaurant to eat, or to discover a new beach- you don't have to make a 2 hour trek- you can keep it within a 30 mile radius..and save a bundle!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

coconut bar in Krabi!!!!

Saturday Night in Ao Nang Beach

We started off the evening at Taj Restaurant, and it was the most delicious food we've had since arriving in Thailand. period. We had a delicious Indian vegetarian dish called "Mutter Paneer" which was a sort of tomato/cream based sauce with cubes of cottage cheese that tasted like tofu..quite lovely..with cilantro and fresh peas. We also ordered a vegetarian pizza, which tasted just like home, and quenched our thirst with Pina Colada's and Chang beers. We had almost finished our food, when a couple sat down at the table beside us, and engaged us in conversation- and we ended up spending the whole night with them, from one bar to the next.

We wandered down a dark alley and wound up at a seedy little bar called climax...where we played a game of pool and had a few Changs..
Then hit up an awesome reggae inspired spot complete with baby kittens lounging on the bar..and before we left rasta bartender/owner Mr.Long hooked us up with a free shot of his special tequila..

We had been aching for some rock n roll since arriving in Thailand, and were drawn around the corner by booming female vocals and a live band! Shaun got up on stage and played drums to a cover of Metallica's "Enter Sandman" and then I took the mic and slayed Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" and Joan Jett's "I Love Rock n Roll" it was effing amazing. Every member of the band was so fun and engaging..the other vocalist/keys master was so awesome rocking his toque and nike shirt with converse runners!

It was an amazing night and we stumbled back to our hotel room at around 2am..the latest we've stayed up since arriving here!!!

Krabi- Ao Nang

Well we have arrived in Ao Nang Beach, Krabi- and I am VERY impressed.
We got a shared cab with another couple for 400 Baht from the ferry..which took us the half hour to Ao Nang beach. We asked the cab driver to take us to a cheap hostel..he dropped us off here, at "Seaworld Hostel" and omg I am sooo happy ! We have a king size bed, mini fridge, 2 comfy sitting chairs, our own bathroom and shower, and the best part: a balcony with the most stunning view of limestone cliffs to the right, and lush jungle and palm trees to the left.  It is absolutely beautiful, for 100 baht more then we paid in Phi Phi for a musty shared bathroom and decrepit room with holes in the ceiling. Oh and this room has air conditioning and WIFI in the room-so we're pretty much in heaven.
The little hill the hostel is on also has a cool pub advertising live bands, and a couple other guesthouses..2 minutes out the door to the main street you've got everything you could need- restaurants, bars, laundry, massage, 7-11, street vendors, clothing shops..and turn right and walk 5 minutes and there's the beach!!!!! AMAZING. I def. think we're going to be staying here awhile! I'm looking forward to really relaxing, I feel such a genuinely good vibe!
We have now been in Thailand for 12 days..and have stayed in 4 places! So crazy!
We went for a walk to check out the price differences between here and phi's what we discovered so far:

Beer: 44 Baht for a big Chang (60 baht in PP)
Water: 10 Baht (same for local brand)
Smokes:66 Baht (75 baht in PP)

Street Smoothie: 40 Baht (80 baht in PP)
Pad Thai: 40 Baht (10 Baht less the PP for egg and veggie no meat)

I'll make a bigger post tomorrow listing more items! We're heading out for dinner now :)

Thursday, May 2, 2013

on tha streets!

street art sticker Phi Phi

Ha HA 

I LOVE this stencil..saw it in BKK and now on PP

Yum Yum Thailand

Thai Iced coffee BKK

"A Taste of Heaven Available on Earth"

Banana Thai Pancake mmmm

Thai Iced Coffee Phi Phi :)

Yellow Curry mmm

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tips For The Backpacking Couple

So, you are both madly in love, you live together in the city..and you want to experience a glorious travel adventure together!!!! here's some tips for ya'll

1. Dealing with the cash flow:
 What works for us...
-We know we are staying on Phi Phi for 7 we withdraw 7 days worth of money. Currency exchange is the best place, as they do not charge you for your machine charges $5 per trans.
-Make a golden number per day..put aside $ for shelter..(or better for a chunk of days at a time)..and divide the remaining funds between you. That way there are no arguments when she wants to buy a dress and cute bag..and he'd rather buy big Chang's all day. You have your OWN MONEY. This is KEY.

2. Alone time:
This is something we all need..even individuals with tons in common! in the best relationships! Even those of us that live together, we spend at least 40 hours per week apart at work!!! So when leaving those jobs to travel abroad, time spent together goes from about 4-5 hours per 12+ !!!!
What works for us..
I like to blog, write emails, upload pics, read other blogs etc. A good time for me to do this is when Shaun feels like taking a nap, or watching TV. That way we both have our time out..At this particular hotel, you can only get WIFI in the currently here I am, and he's back in the room watching the tube. Perfect!
Another option that feels like alone time, is laying on the beach with your are technically together, but in your own zone. I find alone time is crucial for me to re-charge, and centre. It is difficult for me to go go go..and maintain a good balance emotionally; taking some time out alone is good for a couple..and reminds you that you are individuals in a couple, and not one person!!!! I think about 2-3 hours a day doing your own thing is perfect!
The challenge is the dead zones..when you are in transit..on a 12 hour train ride, when you are waiting for a ferry for half the's easy to get at eachothers' are both tired, overheated and irritable; but the journey, and the set backs are part of the fun! and those challenging set back days are what will strengthen your relationship! Also allow yourself to be annoyed, it happens!

3. Agreeing on an itinerary:
In my relationship I am the planner, I enjoy researching and collecting data. Shaun does not, and since we happen to have the same travel goals: beach, eat, meet people, fun is pretty easy for me to plan a trip he will have fun doing.
If you are both planners: then balance the places you'd like to visit and the activities you want to do in those places..compromise!! Or one person plans the northern thailand route, and the other plans the south..etc!

4. To party or not to party?
This one is a biggie..if you both have the same intentions: get wasted all day every day, then perfect! Or if you are both non drinkers, perfect! BUT if one person wants to party and the other doesn't..what do you do????
Know yourself. I do not like to drink during the day- especially in 35+ degree heat! it makes me feel tired, and lethargic..Shaun is able to drink during the day, and have he drinks- and I don't. I like to have my first drink around 5pm or later, and that works for me. Neither of us like to stay out till 5am at the bar, so that works for us..but if there is a night I want to drink and Shaun doesn't he will take one for the team, and visa versa- if I want to go to bed early and he doesn't- he will take one for the team. Balance people!!!

5. Meeting people:
-We both like to meet new people..I have found there are many many couples out here, more then I expected..but that people aren't overly friendly (not so far) I haven't experienced anyone just coming up to me and saying hi, and starting a conversation. One night out on the beach, we walked by a cool looking couple, and decided we should walk up and just sit down with them..and it turned out great! we ended up going out for dinner together! So don't even think twice about approaching people..especially if you aren't staying in a dorm, or a backpacker hostel, it can be difficult to meet you have to reach out!

6. Experiencing the emotional spectrum while travelling:
I had a little emotional breakdown, when we arrived in Phuket, because it wasn't what we was super busy, and un-island like..I was exhausted from the heat and travelling...and I felt like OMG I ruined the trip!!! But in the end, you just have to stay calm, and accept that you will have places you like more then others, and then you move on. You also have to accept eachothers' moods, and allow each other to freak out a little sometimes!

I hope this post helped..if you have any questions..feel free to post!!!


Thailand Beaches on a tiny budget

MY Average day of expenses on Ko Phi Phi
Take note:
The first thing to subtract off your daily budget is shelter..
In order to calculate what my daily budget was going to be, I studied personal travel blogs, as well as sites like Lonely Planet, rough guide, hostel bookers etc etc...make sure the sites you are reading are recent..if it's a blog post from 2010- your budgets going to be way off..prices have def. gone up since then!!!!
I planned on 800 CAD per month..including everything! = Baht 23, 256
The estimated costs of transport (tuk tuk, taxi,train,ferry,bus) were GROSSLY underestimated...based on reading old blog posts..also..make sure the currency converter you are using online is UP TO DATE...
Because we have spent wayy more in transport, and shelter in the first week- the budget went from Baht 1550 per day (775 each) to 900 per day and 450 each. after shelter costs ...BIG  difference!

The price of shelter can range immensely; It depends on your standards.
The options usually go something like this in the "budget" traveller arena:
-Air con or fan
-Private room vs. dorm style (4-12 beds, mixed or same gender)
-Private or shared bathroom and shower

We have stayed in Air con and fan..and honestly the fan isn't bad at all! I was far we have only stayed in private rooms because it is cheaper then both of us paying 200-250 baht each to stay in a dorm..

SHELTER (Private fan room, with shared bathroom and shower (in high season-with WIFI)
5 minute walk to beach, 2 seconds to any shop, 7-11, restaurant, food cart
500 Baht per night (our budget max is 400 but as it was high season when we booked- and more expensive on the islands, we couldn't find cheaper)

Thai Iced Coffee:
80 Baht ( I have tried canned 7-11 varieties for 18 Baht..and they just don't cut it)
10 Baht (local Thai bottle)
-Thai pancake 40 Baht (comes in tons of flavours..banana, mango, nutella's basically a thin pastry with fruit inside...very tasty...can't eat one everyday though, as they are fried..) OR
-Pad Thai with egg and veggies 50 Baht

10 Baht
-Green curry with rice (comes separate) 120 Baht (I haven't been able to find this offered by street only) OR
-Fried Rice with egg and veggie 50 Baht
-Pad Thai with egg and veggie 50 Baht
-Spring roll 20 Baht each

10 Baht
Same options as above..obviously you can order way more of a variety...but I am a vegetarian, and it is surprisingly difficult to find those options Bangkok we could have tofu, but we haven't been able to get it here on Phi Phi)
Cooler (Thai brand) 50 Baht
Chang beer: Big 80 Baht


Clothing from street shops: 
-200+ Baht for T shirts/tanks
-250+ Dresses, Thai fisherman pants
-50-300 Baht

Bamboo tattoo:
-Starts at 1000 Baht for the smallest one..not buy hour, by piece.

Fun excursion: 
-like snorkelling or cliff jumping: 400 Baht per person Half day

Restaurant meal:
-120 baht for red, green, yellow curry and rice
-250+ baht for big pizza

Drinking at bar or beach restaurant:
-90+ baht per drink
-Thai Buckets 250+ Baht depending on type of booze..thai whisky, vodka etc..

Average per day (not including shelter, or purchasing any optionals!) 510 baht
I have about 450 baht each day to spend...and I find I am very thrifty, and don't drink much alcohol, and I always have money left over for the next day. If you drink a will find you burn your money real fast...
*If you'd like me to look into something specific price-wise, please post!!! I will get back to you ASAP!