Wednesday, June 19, 2013


I want to arrange a alternative fashion photo shoot when I get home wardrobed in STRICTLY LATEX!

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Gulf

9 Days Left in Paradise

Here we are, the last 9 days..and I am feeling content; I feel as if I've had a great trip but I am also ready to go home ;)
When I came out here I was hoping for a transformation, a epic spiritual shift..and when nothing happened I felt a little bit cheated.
Then I realized that changes can happen albeit subtle and inconspicuous in nature..changes you don't realize have occurred until you're getting close to going home.

I feel as if I've had a lot of quiet time on this trip, and without the usual hum of traffic, the routine of work, and the act of paying's like my brain has been firing like the 4th of July. (more then usual if that's possible;)
I've actually felt overwhelmed some nights, as I'm trying to fall asleep and my mind just won't shut up and let me rest; Hours upon hours lying awake, next to my boyfriend who's blissfully enveloped in the depths of dreams.
It's almost like all the distractions of regular life at home allow you to sort of ignore the "big" questions or at least push them so far back..that they wind up forgotten when the time allows for reflection.
I always thought of reflecting one one's life as a chosen "ok today- I'm getting out my notebook and I'm gonna mind map..I'm gonna list pro's and con's..I'm going to attack this with a systematic efficiency." But on this trip..I've drifted into the dusty depths of my mind, and with the sounds of the sea crashing onto the shore..I've felt a whole spectrum of emotion..

I think we all look and wait for the "light bulb" moments...or we read "Eat Pray Love" and feel inspired to abandon our material pleasures, strap a filthy sac to our backs and head out on the beaten find an awakening in the bottom of a teacup whilst sitting cross legged at "Ethos" vegan restaurant, smoking apple shi sha with the alluring beatnik from Bali..but it doesn't necessarily wind up being that sensual and exotic....;)

Sometimes all you need is a step back, and a stack of books, and a small budget that leaves you ship wrecked on Koh Chang for 3 weeks with nothing but a shitty internet connection and a weathered beach front hut..oh and a fresh minty mojito at the end of a sun soaked afternoon spent bobbing in the massive waves in Gulf of Thailand!

What I'm trying to say is...these moments of clarity we seek, can be found when you allow your mind to be open, and exposed...when you ask the universe to feel a connection..when you shed your layers and open up your heart...and when you give everything you have to the cause that is your life and yourself..and then you start to feel the changes..the growth..and hopefully all you've dreamt for yourself will be free to stream into your path and manifest itself in you!!!!!

love love love love to you xxxxxxxxoooooo

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Blog Updates

There's a few things I would like to do to upgrade this blog- but they're going to have to wait until I get back to Canada, and back to making money!

1. Upgrade to a paid site. I would like to get my own domain name, and take my blog to the next level. This is primarily because I want to have more creative control over the way my blog looks- I want to really personalize it, so it stands out from the rest..

2. Get a new smart phone. My black berry is DONE, beyond done..and my contract is finally up at the end of the summer- at which point I'll be getting either a Samsung Galaxy or an Iphone..which will allow me to have the ease of uploading more pictures and videos to my blog.

3. Take a Blogacademy workshop with Gala, Kat, and Shauna..This will have to wait until they're coming back to North America after their tour in Australia and New Zealand..but I'll be at the first location that's within driving distance!!

4. Even before I get home I'm going to introduce a few different categories, so I can properly file my posts in an organized way..So I can refine my areas of interest so my blog has more of a "niche."

5. I'd like to reach out to more bloggers, people just starting out as well as those that have been blogging for years..I would like to create a small crew of like minded bloggers that can bounce ideas off of one another..(Gala suggests this on her blog)

So..has anyone out there recently upgraded from a free to a paid site? What would you suggest or recommend?


Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Eating in Thailand

I haven't posted anything on this topic in awhile so I thought I'd shed some light..

In the last few weeks there's been some favourites:
-Scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast
-Tom Yum soup with rice noodles
-Mixed veggies in either ginger + soy, sweet n sour or just soya sauce..with 1/2 the portion of rice

I've had a cup of coffee maybe 3x in the last 2.5 weeks..It's rather expensive..40 baht in most places for an Americano..and 50-60 for a latte. Actually- I shouldn't say it's "expensive" but the prices here don't make much sense.. 
For example, at this restaurant it costs 35 baht for scrambles eggs, 25 baht for 2 slices of toast- so that's 60 baht for a meal..and a latte is the same price as the meal? So it doesn't seem worth it on most days ;)

I alternate the soup from lunch to dinner..everywhere I have tried this soup it tastes slightly the Thai's say "same same-but different"
In this particular restaurant they put a lot of coconut milk in it, and a fair amount of oil- which I'm guessing is palm..which bothers me because both are not the best to be eating everyday!

I tried ordering it without coconut milk, and it was extremely lemony..and had no oil at all..
As I mentioned I've been eating it with rice noodles because they only have egg tofu here, and I really dislike the texture (slimy and soft) but I am concerned with the amount of carbs I'm ingesting..and they do not have brown rice here.

That is the #1 obstacle I have found that stands between me and losing weight as a Vegetarian in Thailand: CARBS. Because I'm not filling up on meat, I crave the carbs to get me to the next meal, but I have been feeling very lethargic lately..and I'm guessing the carbs are to blame (in combination with the heat) They also don't have any bean options...and very little in terms of salads..

If I remove the rice noodles and coconut milk from the soup, and replace the toast for breakfast with fruit, perhaps I would notice some results?
So today is June 5th..we leave to return home on June I have 19 days to try this out..

Monday, June 3, 2013

Too Old For Piercings?

What do you guys think? Is there an age where getting new piercings just isn't cool anymore?
What age.... 20? 30? 40?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Getting Stuff Done

This post is inspired by Sally Hope's latest post about Pure Barre..and "embracing the shake" ..she wrote about how great it feels when you trudge forth..when your thighs are burning..and all you want to do is give up- but you don't. And it's sooooo worth it in the end!!!

What I've noticed in the last 3 months or so: I'm getting things done.
Big things
Like I'm consistently writing for this blog
Like I actually came to Thailand
Like I'm still a Vegetarian.
I HAVEN'T BEEN GIVING UP! This is an absolute breakthrough for me..a real progression from my old ways...
For years I've thought that maybe there was something wrong with me..why can't I finish projects that I start? Why do I drop out of University when the going gets rough? Why can't I consistently exercise and eat healthy? Why haven't I started a band? Why am I sitting here asking myself why I am such a procrastinator?!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!!!!!!!
I always thought there would be a "lightening moment" when the answer would be hurled down from the heavens by a glorious Greek God...but rather it has happened with such subtlety..

Maybe it is finally my time..maybe I have reached an age where I finally know who I am..and what I want from life..and it was all the "mis-steps" and wrong turns that in fact led me here. To where I am supposed to be. It hasn't been an easy route I tell ya..but goddamnit! I have arrived!
The million dollar question is of course..HOW? How did I actually morph into this person that's a "Do-er" as opposed to a "talker"...
I think I just started. And this is something my mom has told me FOREVER. but it's so hard to listen to somebody really have to live it..and figure it out the hard way..for things to really sink in..she knew this from her life experience..and I needed to log some experiences before it made sense for me.
Even though I have 2 followers (including myself) I write this blog like a million girls are reading..I'm faking it till I make it...I'm putting myself into the shoes of a successful blogger..and walking around in them..I'm wearing the hat of the DO-ER and have thus BECOME one.
Even though these are small steps..just putting them into motion..and maintaining them everyday for a length of time..have put this vessel into a forward trajectory..and a body in motion stays in motion. stays in motion.......BELIEVE THAT!

Tell you suffer from some of the things I mentioned above?
How have you dealt with your lack of direction..and inability to act on your ideas and dreams...?
Are you still wading through the murky waters of the unknown....? Or have you too found your rhythm in the wind and are now full speed ahead..?

Hit me up!

xox rache

Body Love

Although this is a message from the Bible, and I'm not a religious person..I have always identified with the idea of our bodies being our temples..In that we should respect them and honour them...that we should care for ourselves in the same tender and loving way that we would care for a child..and not just in a physical sense, but also caring for ourselves emotionally..understanding that we have all we need within us..the strength..the confidence..the unwavering love..the be able to overcome any obstacle and pursue every dream..
so what's the problem?
well this is really hard to remember when you're struggling to pay your bills..when you find yourself "stuck" in a life situation- such as a bad relationship, or a shit job..but that's why I'm writing this blog post! If we have enough reminders along the way, then maybe thinking of our bodies as temples will become as natural as our perpetual negativity ex: "if i could only lose 15 pounds then i'd be happier"

Today we decided to rent a kayak..and as we paddled out to sea I glanced back at the all the girls in their bikini's..and thought about how insecure I am most of the time where my physical body is concerned...
then I thought about how confident I have felt here..wearing my tiny triangle top, and string tie's interesting that at home my usual attire is tights, super long tank top that covers my bum, loose t shirt over top..with infinity scarf and vest or jacket..that's A LOT of clothing!!!!
Our climate in Canada is def. not conducive to bikini's in most months..but I think that is part of the reason why I feel so uncomfortable!! we spend months wrapped in layers like mummies..and then when summer comes- we peel away the onion to expose a white blotchy pallor and a hula hoop of pizza dough that used to resemble a stomach...perhaps an extreme example..but you get my point!
That's what I love about warm's too damn hot to be insecure girl! toss those layers in the trash..and embrace your BODY...because a have a sneaking suspicion that you look a lot better then you think..oh and PS- there's nothing that a great golden brown tan can't hide! ;)

What I also notice about being on the beach..and looking at a lot of that they are all so effing different! It's unbelievable that we even bother trying to compare ourselves to each other..that's like a kiwi trying to compare herself to a banana..both fruits are so different in texture, flavour, and shape! But they are both delicious! You feel me?
This may seem very elementary..but how often do you really sit down and think about body envy logically? The reality is we can't make curvaceous hips flatten and disappear..and you can't make short legs let's just embrace our lovely selves!

xox PC