Wednesday, March 20, 2013

day 3 vegetarian

Well it's the 3rd day of being a vegetarian.. and not eating meat feels great, but this sneaky sore throat and swollen glands sure don't!!!
I've been thinking about what foods and vitamins I'm going to need to insert into my regime, to make sure I replace the nutrients I would have consumed from meat. I want to explore options with tofu, try new vegetables such as kale and chard..and do more nuts and seeds..I REALLY need to get on eating more fruit, that is probably the one thing missing from my diet completely. I can't wait for summer when I can get delicious in season produce!
I'm also excited because I've been researching herbalism quite a bit- and really want to take a course or two when I have some extra money. For now I'm gonna hit up some used bookstores to try and find some old relics on traditional chinese medicine, Ayurvedic methods, acupuncture, aromatherapy etc. I'd really like to become a Master Herbalist, and have my own dispensory/superfood/superherb store/clinic...that would be AWESOME.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Well this is the launch of a NEW PRETTY CREATURE. This is the renewal of a blog I created in 2010, that nobody but maybe 3 friends have even seen. (or so they told me)
The reason I have never really told anyone to check out my blog, was because it was a very premature endeavour; I knew I wanted to have a blog, but I had NO IDEA what I should write about- what is my niche?
I then decided that it would be a place where I showcased the street style of my fellow Winnipeger's..except for one small problem- I had no camera!!!! So I just copy pasted photos I found online that I admired, to jump start the blog and to show my "readers" my taste and style..and give them something to look forward to when I eventually got my own camera. Well I did get a camera 1.5 years later, but had a different endeavour planned- enter "powderxroom pinups." This was a boudoir/pinup photography business I really wanted to start. I did a number of boudoir style photo shoots, and even a baby and maternity shoot! I started a business plan, and was very excited to tell everyone about my plans. Well, working 40 hours a week at my soul sucking retail job, and trying to schedule unpaid "portfolio" shoots before and after work with willing friends became more difficult then I anticipated. So I gradually stopped writing the business plan, and decided to pursue a more stable direction....towards Graphic Design. I love photographing people, the process of planning the theme, hair and makeup, outfits, location.....and then seeing the finished photographs. BUT I realized that I need a LOT more training in lighting, and an empty space where I can effectively photograph my models. I was using my moms place, which is great because it's full of vintage furniture, but I found I was spending a lot of time moving furniture and other items out of the view of my lens, that I could have been using to get more images.
So, next came the decision between going to Photography school or doing something else; well I looked into a number of programs and decided that the risk was too great financially and that Graphic Design would be more economically viable, yet would still allow me to learn Digital Photography, have access to facilities, and to make good money afterwards doing a creative career.
I'm still interested in doing boudoir, creative and family photography- but more as a fun hobby then a career. It is March 17 2013, and I am scheduled to start my 2 year GD program in September..But I'm not going to wait around until then. For many years I have felt like I was searching for meaning  (sounds cliche but it's true) in my life, searching for a career that can bring me fulfillment, just damn searching non stop. I think I found an avenue to explore..I have found something that MAKES ME FEEL PASSIONATELY ABOUT. Something that is outside of my search for a career, outside my yearning for more money to travel, and eat gourmet food; it is REAL, and it is something I can start TODAY. It is vegetarianism.
I've seen all the food documentaries making us aware of the horrific conditions of the factory farms, and they have resonated with me; but there was always a barrier to becoming veggie. Money- I always felt like I needed to have more money to eat purely vegetarian, because I'd need to prepare meals in advance for work- because grabbing a slice of pepperoni pizza left over from last night isn't gonna cut it. Also, my fiance is an avid meat eater, and came from a home that was all about MEAT + STARCH + SMALL SIDE OF VEGETABLES (optional) = I'm taking care of my family and living the Canadian Dream. Well Well Well, try eating veggie in a house stocked with every kind of sausage imaginable? And he's a cook to boot! But I think that is just a cop out.
I need to take RESPONSIBILITY for what I choose to put in my body. I need to make it my #1 priority to feel better on a daily basis for the rest of my life. This cannot be an option, this is my life. This is my physical and mental health. This is the life of other creatures that I share this planet with. This is the health of the planet, and everybody on it. This is fucking basic! This isn't a complex concept. It just feels right. SO my interest in this lifestyle has began, my interest in Super Foods like Spirulina and Goji berries, with organic locally grown produce..and with this I have a newfound clarity that I can't easily describe. I have taken my control back. Control of my life in the form of controlling what I feed my body. I am tired of feeling heavy and unhealthy, of needing coffee loaded with sugar to get through my day with some pep. I am tired of feeling guilt from eating processed foods just because they are available and I need to fill the void. I am tired of over drinking in an attempt to let loose and forget about my shitty job. In this revolving door of fatigue I notice that I am surrounding myself with people that also a)have crap jobs they don't enjoy b)Eat processed foods c)Over drink d)are generally feeling blase about their current life situation

I have all the tools I need to flip the switch and start fresh. I have all the ambition and big ideas inside of me, I have the knowledge and the hunger for MORE. So in an afternoon I have discovered my "niche," what is Pretty Creature about? So although this post was inspired by Vegetarianism and reclaiming my personal power through controlling what food I put in my body..that is directly related to how I perceive my ability to drop the fear and uncertainty and live life now- on MY TERMS. This is something I always believed, but after a few years spent working the 40 hour grind with no higher education I was feeling eroded. That life was eating away at me, at my zest for life, at my flame, and draining me of inspiration.
-Branching out from the expected path, to live a free life where I can make money blogging, working freelance as a Graphic Designer, developing a clothing line (1st crushh) and singing in a band and taking pictures for FUN!!!! OH, and travelling to all the countries on my wish list.
-My journey from a toxic lifestyle to a clean one
I debated whether or not I wanted to come across as "having it all together" and just start a new blog, and erase the uncertainty...but I decided that I'd rather be honest and document my journey as I evolve into the person I want to be. I feel like maybe my story will resonate with some of you out there, and that you may be inspired to live your life on your terms as well!!!!