Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rate My Thailand Destinations!!!!

Brief Rundown of The Islands

Overall Rating between 1-10
1 being shit
10 being fucking phenom.
(This rating is based on a BUDGET traveller's perspective, operating at roughly 500 baht per day.......)

-I feel I cannot give a fair rating of this place, because we only stayed for one night. But I will give you my first impression: Not overly impressed.
We stayed in Patpong Beach..and it was really busy..full of touristy bars and restaurants..
If you want to party super hard in the bars and pay out the ass for drinks- you'll for sure love this place..
if you're looking for a laid back vibe and backpacker scene- miss this one for sure!
(or only go for few nights

-Absolutely stunning scenery; if you're looking for that image you get when you google picture "Thailand Beaches" you'll find it in and around Ko Phi Phi!!! Complete with the limestone cliffs, the turquoise water, the white sand, and beach bars with fire dancers...
-No motorized vehicles allowed on the island, which is very cool in my opinion..
-Very dense with shops, bars, restaurants, tattoo shops etc...lots of day trips offered..scuba diving etc..just very bust in general...I can't imagine what it'd be like in the "high season" INSANE!
-Once you've spent a few nights partying here, move on..we stayed for 7 days- which was far too long for us..I also suggest going here after about 1.5 weeks after arriving in Thailand..b/c we were pretty jet-lagged still, and couldn't stay awake long enough to partake in all the crazy parties..
-People complained that food was expensive here, but honestly you can find pretty cheap and very expensive no matter what place you're in..but the cheapest we found was 50 baht for Pad Thai and fried rice from a little kiosk style restaurant on the "party side" of the beach...
-The accommodation is where Phi Phi lacked; we expected a trillion cheap backpacking dorms..because PP is known for being a young party place..but there wasn't much in the way of budget! We stayed in an absolute shack of a room for 500 baht a night..with a shared bathroom..and a fan..and it was shit..seriously, we didn't think it was that bad at the time, until we had been here longer, and stayed in other places..and it wasn't even a private was just a room in a rundown avoid "The Pier" at all costs!!!!!
-We saw an awesome infinity pool right on the beach..and would have loved to stay there if it had been cheaper then 1000 baht for a fan room!!!!

-Stayed in Ao Nang..which I have already posted about...check it out!!!
-Regrets: would have checked out Railay Bach if we'd had more common sense! Would have had twice as much money! boo hoo

-Awesome hostel...Hacienda !! woot woot!!
-Part of town we were in had a random vibe..not so sure I loved it-it was a'ight..I would have liked to stay in Haad Rin for a week as well- if given a second chance..
-Parties? Well we heard mixed reviews of the Halfmoon..which we were considering attending..but when we found out is was 600 baht per person to get in..we scratched that off the old list!
The general response from those that attended was split pretty much down the middle..The people our age (late twenties) disliked it, or thought it was so so..and the people in their early twenties FUCKING LOVED take that however you like...
-The beach in front of Hacienda was shit. It was full of rocks..and primarily the water was ick..there were weird half structures made out of wood sticking out of the something was under construction, and then got abandoned..The tide was out during the you had to walk for a million miles to get to any depth you could swim in...thank god for the pool!

-awesome! read my previous post...

..I'll add this one in a week or so.....stay tuned

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