Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Talking Tattoo's

One of my favourite things to do, is to brainstorm ideas for future tattoo's; I also love to hear about other people's ideas..! 

I prefer collecting individual tattoo's over time relating to a similar theme, rather then sitting down for a full tattoo from shoulder to wrist- although when it comes to certain area's of the body such as chest and back...I think I would make an exception to my little rule ;)
I like to think about my ideas for a long time, I sketch my ideas, I have an "inspiration" folder on my laptop where I collect images that resonate with me. I have found over the years that my ideas all revolve around really traditional themes like anchors, ships, stars, waves etc..but done in black & grey and omitting the bright primary colours typical of that style. So I'd say Black & Grey, Fineline, Realism would be my preference.

I knew I wanted a tattoo since I was about 14, and was really into creating a "cool look" for myself..I had all these ideas about how I wanted to dress, do my hair, what jewellery I wanted to wear, how I wanted to do my makeup etc..and having tattoo's was always part of that image. I felt like having a personal style, and presenting myself to the world in a way that matched how I felt inside was extremely necessary for me. 
My mom was strongly against tattoo's and piercings, and I don't think I even thought about asking her to sign for me- I knew I'd be waiting for april 29th 2003 when I turned 18. In the mean time I was obsessed with makeup and actually used oil pastels to create eye shadow effects, giving these "looks" names like "sunrise"..I was also really into Value Village, and in those days it was still full of awesome vintage stuff. I used to wear t-shirts from the little boys section, and baggy jeans..full on TLC style!..then at 16 I got my nose pierced using a fake ID and I was on my way!!

So finally after about a year of brainstorming ideas I decided on my first tattoo: It would be "VERITAS" a latin word meaning "truth" I got it tattoo'd in a gothic/old english style up my left calf. My boyfriend at the time paid for it for my 19th birthday, I remember the artist saying- "Are you sure? this is a little big for your first one.." hahaha
The tattoo was meant to remind myself to always be true to who I am; that I want to be alternative and I would never settle for a life that was average, and that required me to look a certain way. I think it was also a statement in rebellion against my mom, as she always warned me that I wouldn't get a good job with tattoo's and piercings..

The 2nd one I got was 2 skeleton keys crossed with an"R" underneath..on my left forearm. At the time it looked so badass and massive, but nowadays it looks so small!!! I got it in Valporaiso, Indiana whilst on a road trip with best friend Breanna Little. We were in Chicago to see a few screamo bands, and when I was turned away for not being 21, I was told that "they'll do it in Indiana" So we drove across the border and got it done! Bre got a skeleton key on a rosary around her ankle..and I'll never regret that tattoo for the rest of my life! We both loved the antiquity and mystery the skeleton key evoked in our imaginations..an awesome representation of the vibe we loved.

The 3rd one was an interesting story, Bre and I had gone to Minneapolis for a fun weekend and I went into the shop with an image of a sweet pinup girl. The artist told me pinups weren't his strong suit, so instead of going somewhere else, I just pulled another idea out of my journal- a set of wings! So I got those on either side of my right ankle. I don't remember them having any meaning, except now they represent yet another awesome road trip with Bre!

Between the ages of 22-26 I didn't get any tattoo's because:
#1 I was always broke and in between jobs 
#2 I was soooo indecisive! I had a folder entitled "Tattoo Ideas" that I filled with print outs from the internet, personal drawings, bullet point ideas on napkins and on the insides of ciggerette packs..
I had so many ideas, and I wasn't 100% on any of them for a prolonged period of time, or I didn't know how to organize my ideas into pieces..
I think It was because I was trying to draw the finished product myself, as opposed to simplifying the process:
putting down a deposit and paying monthly until I could afford it- and allowing the artist to assimilate my ideas, and use their fine art skills to come up with the finished product. Seems to logical now, but that wasn't how I operated then!

So after all those years I realized I had a similar theme going on, and felt like I have known who I am for a long time, and my look really isn't going to change... so I should just start already!

Tattoo #4
An anchor with a bow and heart going through the centre..with the words "Storm Bay Road" written above and below the image. I got this one on my right forearm.
This tattoo means the most to me, in that it represents my absolute LOVE for my cabin at Lake of the Woods in Ontario. Most of my fondest memories are from the years I spent summers there...

My next piece is going to be a half sleeve: 
a gypsy/sugar skull inspired girl..with a bandana tied in the front like a pinup..on my left upper arm...from my elbow up about 5 inches..(i think- i suck at estimations) I'm getting roses from an ariel perspective..and on the inside of my arm I'm thinking of a stormy water scene- with crashing waves, thunder clouds and lightening..maybe a lighthouse..
This tattoo just represents me and again the lake, I love the mysticism of the gypsy lifestyle.. and the art celebrating Mexico's Day of The Dead..the magic of the seasons..and the wildness of a storm on the water at night..it's just magical..that's what this tattoo is..just a beautiful magical girl..and all her dreams and yearnings...

SO....I want to hear alllll about YOUR tattoo's- what are their meanings or lack thereof?..and what do you have in store for the future ??!!!!

xox PC

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