Friday, May 31, 2013

Vodka Redbull Buckets and Rainstorms

Last night was so epic! We took a walk down the beach road to try and find something to do, and met a young American guy who was also looking for a party. We found ourselves at this awesome little bar with a fun DJ playing awesome music...the beer was buy one get one free..and we started off with a Chang Export..and then on to the buckets!!!
We had awesome in depth conversations with the American about everything from grow ops to tattoo's..and as the sky began to swell and the rain came pouring down, the people on the streets began to charge into the tiny bar...pretty soon it was packed with soaked travellers..throwing up high fives and hugging complete strangers..
We met this one Australian guy that has been here about 3 weeks, and was introducing us to all the we were old was so awesome! So we're all dancing and talking and wobbling around with our buckets in tow..when all of a sudden a crack of thunder and the power is OUT! music lights everything shut down...and then everyone just starts laughing and yelling and woooooo!!!!!!! and when they flashed back on..and the bass resumed it's heavy thumppp the party kicked up into high this point the rain is like a monsoon, it's a river rushing through the street outside the bar..dogs and cats are taking refuge under the bar tables..and it's just madness!!!! The power went out another 3 times..and it just fired everyone up even more..just the realization that wholly shit! we are actually  partying in a monsoon rainstorm on an island in the Gulf of Thailand right now?!! So epic.

The walk home was even better then the party..Shaun and I were staggering down the middle of the road..rain pummelling our bodies..and singing "in the jungle the mighty jungle the lion sleeps tonight" at the TOP of our lungs..(I even pulled out my shitty camera with the broken screen and took some ghost shots of us..unfortunately my computer couldn't read those particular files, and wouldn't import those photo's- but I did get some other good one's from that night :)
When we got back to Siam Huts, there was a few people sitting around having drinks..and I bummed a menthol off a Thai girl..and while my back was turned her ladyboy friend was blowing Shaun kisses- much to his horror LOL...
We headed back to the room and stayed up for hours talking every possible topic known to man, and fell asleep to the sound of the storm.
What an amazing night
Tell me what YOU did last night!!!!!!

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