Wednesday, May 18, 2011

i can't believe how long its been since i've posted..i've had a new job for about 3 months working at aldo assistant manager..the job has been much more involved then i could've the way that i think about work after i've clocked out for the day- which hasn't really happened..until now..
i'm mentioning this because..i find that i have less energy to focus on things like pretty creature, and realized..when looking for something to do..and my fiance suggested i browse fashion blogs..that i haven't done that in forever! and it used to be something i did daily. so strange.
on the plus side of things..i have been taking loads of pictures..and have found great joy in this..
today i took some photos of interesting tomb stones in a beautiful cemetery.. my fiance thought it was "creepy" that i did this..and i don't agree..mind you, i did feel sort of weird as i was taking the photos..but i'm interested in the religious symbolism found of tombs stones...the old fashioned fonts..and the strange images..and while the whole experience could've been especially was so calm and pure..

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