Monday, April 1, 2013

An excerpt from my journal (aka: my cellphone)

I wrote this on March 25

"Wow do I feel alive today!! I'm at the lake..I am laying on my coat in the snow..feeling the wonderful warmth from the sun! The sky is clear, and there is a slight breeze, that comes in waves rustling through the pines..It's so nice to just lay out here in the woods and listen to the silence..
I am just feeling SO alive and connected!! I haven't felt like this for a lonng time..genuine it all because of becoming a vegetarian? I think it's also getting interested in Superfoods and Superherbs and really feeling interested in something real..I've been searching for so long.."

I wrote some more words on that day, but will choose to keep them to myself, just as a wish is to be kept to ones' self when a birthday candle is blown out. I don't want to jinx it!

This brings me to the next topic of conversation..I was reading my fave blog ever "Gala Darling" the other day, and she linked to a bunch of other blogs on various topics, and there was one post that talked about what I call "Projection." This is a tool for aligning ones' self with the universe, the laws of attraction, the source energy get the desired result. She also posted a video of Will Smith talking about how you can be whoever you want to be, the power of Alchemy, and creating your destiny etc..and I realized that I frequently engage in this type of activity, and did just that on March 25th at the lake.
I often will reflect on my life as if I was at the end, or already gone, which really puts things into perspective pretty quickly. (Gala also posted a Ted Talks relating to this subject: Rethinking the Bucket List) But my favourite thing to do is the visualization of imagining the person you want to be, the job you have, the way your home looks, the way it smells, your daily life, the city you live in, the way you feel, the food you eat etc..and really really feel it, live it for those moments in your mind, see it, taste it, BELIEVE IT. I honestly believe that I will reach the place that I want to be, and not necessarily a physical place, but a true connection to my purpose, my source energy (the Laws of Attraction) if I visualize, if I focus my energy on this path, the Universe will guide me in the right direction!

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