Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Thailand Beaches on a tiny budget

MY Average day of expenses on Ko Phi Phi
Take note:
The first thing to subtract off your daily budget is shelter..
In order to calculate what my daily budget was going to be, I studied personal travel blogs, as well as sites like Lonely Planet, rough guide, hostel bookers etc etc...make sure the sites you are reading are recent..if it's a blog post from 2010- your budgets going to be way off..prices have def. gone up since then!!!!
I planned on 800 CAD per month..including everything! = Baht 23, 256
The estimated costs of transport (tuk tuk, taxi,train,ferry,bus) were GROSSLY underestimated...based on reading old blog posts..also..make sure the currency converter you are using online is UP TO DATE...
Because we have spent wayy more in transport, and shelter in the first week- the budget went from Baht 1550 per day (775 each) to 900 per day and 450 each. after shelter costs ...BIG  difference!

The price of shelter can range immensely; It depends on your standards.
The options usually go something like this in the "budget" traveller arena:
-Air con or fan
-Private room vs. dorm style (4-12 beds, mixed or same gender)
-Private or shared bathroom and shower

We have stayed in Air con and fan..and honestly the fan isn't bad at all! I was surprised...so far we have only stayed in private rooms because it is cheaper then both of us paying 200-250 baht each to stay in a dorm..

SHELTER (Private fan room, with shared bathroom and shower (in high season-with WIFI)
5 minute walk to beach, 2 seconds to any shop, 7-11, restaurant, food cart
500 Baht per night (our budget max is 400 but as it was high season when we booked- and more expensive on the islands, we couldn't find cheaper)

Thai Iced Coffee:
80 Baht ( I have tried canned 7-11 varieties for 18 Baht..and they just don't cut it)
10 Baht (local Thai brand..blue bottle)
-Thai pancake 40 Baht (comes in tons of flavours..banana, mango, nutella etc...it's basically a thin pastry with fruit inside...very tasty...can't eat one everyday though, as they are fried..) OR
-Pad Thai with egg and veggies 50 Baht

10 Baht
-Green curry with rice (comes separate) 120 Baht (I haven't been able to find this offered by street carts..restaurant only) OR
-Fried Rice with egg and veggie 50 Baht
-Pad Thai with egg and veggie 50 Baht
-Spring roll 20 Baht each

10 Baht
Same options as above..obviously you can order way more of a variety...but I am a vegetarian, and it is surprisingly difficult to find those options here..in Bangkok we could have tofu, but we haven't been able to get it here on Phi Phi)
Cooler (Thai brand) 50 Baht
Chang beer: Big 80 Baht


Clothing from street shops: 
-200+ Baht for T shirts/tanks
-250+ Dresses, Thai fisherman pants
-50-300 Baht

Bamboo tattoo:
-Starts at 1000 Baht for the smallest one..not buy hour, by piece.

Fun excursion: 
-like snorkelling or cliff jumping: 400 Baht per person Half day

Restaurant meal:
-120 baht for red, green, yellow curry and rice
-250+ baht for big pizza

Drinking at bar or beach restaurant:
-90+ baht per drink
-Thai Buckets 250+ Baht depending on type of booze..thai whisky, vodka etc..

Average per day (not including shelter, or purchasing any optionals!) 510 baht
I have about 450 baht each day to spend...and I find I am very thrifty, and don't drink much alcohol, and I always have money left over for the next day. If you drink a lot..you will find you burn your money real fast...
*If you'd like me to look into something specific price-wise, please post!!! I will get back to you ASAP!

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