Sunday, April 7, 2013

It's officially been 21 DAYS !!!

Wow I can't believe I've been a Vegetarian for almost a month.

I really feel connected to the earth on a whole other level. It's intense, but like I feel like not eating meat has given me a spiritual connection to everything- plants, people, animals. It's like an energy field that I couldn't feel or access before, but now is open to me.
During one of my usual "research sessions" on the internet, I stumbled across a blog that talked about the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, this girl was a graduate and she said it changed her life.
I looked up the school, and am 100% going to make it happen that I take the one year online course to become a HEALTH COACH.
This is incredibly exciting! I can't afford to enrol today sadly, but I have decided to start in September, which gives me enough time to save. In 5 months I feel like I can learn a lot on my own through reading books and online, and by September I will be 100% integrate and living breathing my new lifestyle!!!
The program only demands 5-10 hours of study per week, and it's a flexible program where you have a week to learn the material and 2 weeks to write a test. Six months into the program you are able to start taking on clients. By the end of the year you are certified by American Association of Drugless Practitioners and you can also receive college credits to go towards furthering your education if desired.
I'm really excited for this, and am confident I can do this program as well as my Graphic Design program!!!! What a wonderful life we live!

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