Saturday, June 1, 2013

Body Love

Although this is a message from the Bible, and I'm not a religious person..I have always identified with the idea of our bodies being our temples..In that we should respect them and honour them...that we should care for ourselves in the same tender and loving way that we would care for a child..and not just in a physical sense, but also caring for ourselves emotionally..understanding that we have all we need within us..the strength..the confidence..the unwavering love..the be able to overcome any obstacle and pursue every dream..
so what's the problem?
well this is really hard to remember when you're struggling to pay your bills..when you find yourself "stuck" in a life situation- such as a bad relationship, or a shit job..but that's why I'm writing this blog post! If we have enough reminders along the way, then maybe thinking of our bodies as temples will become as natural as our perpetual negativity ex: "if i could only lose 15 pounds then i'd be happier"

Today we decided to rent a kayak..and as we paddled out to sea I glanced back at the all the girls in their bikini's..and thought about how insecure I am most of the time where my physical body is concerned...
then I thought about how confident I have felt here..wearing my tiny triangle top, and string tie's interesting that at home my usual attire is tights, super long tank top that covers my bum, loose t shirt over top..with infinity scarf and vest or jacket..that's A LOT of clothing!!!!
Our climate in Canada is def. not conducive to bikini's in most months..but I think that is part of the reason why I feel so uncomfortable!! we spend months wrapped in layers like mummies..and then when summer comes- we peel away the onion to expose a white blotchy pallor and a hula hoop of pizza dough that used to resemble a stomach...perhaps an extreme example..but you get my point!
That's what I love about warm's too damn hot to be insecure girl! toss those layers in the trash..and embrace your BODY...because a have a sneaking suspicion that you look a lot better then you think..oh and PS- there's nothing that a great golden brown tan can't hide! ;)

What I also notice about being on the beach..and looking at a lot of that they are all so effing different! It's unbelievable that we even bother trying to compare ourselves to each other..that's like a kiwi trying to compare herself to a banana..both fruits are so different in texture, flavour, and shape! But they are both delicious! You feel me?
This may seem very elementary..but how often do you really sit down and think about body envy logically? The reality is we can't make curvaceous hips flatten and disappear..and you can't make short legs let's just embrace our lovely selves!

xox PC

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