Saturday, June 1, 2013

Getting Stuff Done

This post is inspired by Sally Hope's latest post about Pure Barre..and "embracing the shake" ..she wrote about how great it feels when you trudge forth..when your thighs are burning..and all you want to do is give up- but you don't. And it's sooooo worth it in the end!!!

What I've noticed in the last 3 months or so: I'm getting things done.
Big things
Like I'm consistently writing for this blog
Like I actually came to Thailand
Like I'm still a Vegetarian.
I HAVEN'T BEEN GIVING UP! This is an absolute breakthrough for me..a real progression from my old ways...
For years I've thought that maybe there was something wrong with me..why can't I finish projects that I start? Why do I drop out of University when the going gets rough? Why can't I consistently exercise and eat healthy? Why haven't I started a band? Why am I sitting here asking myself why I am such a procrastinator?!!!!!!!!!!!!! WTF?!!!!!!!
I always thought there would be a "lightening moment" when the answer would be hurled down from the heavens by a glorious Greek God...but rather it has happened with such subtlety..

Maybe it is finally my time..maybe I have reached an age where I finally know who I am..and what I want from life..and it was all the "mis-steps" and wrong turns that in fact led me here. To where I am supposed to be. It hasn't been an easy route I tell ya..but goddamnit! I have arrived!
The million dollar question is of course..HOW? How did I actually morph into this person that's a "Do-er" as opposed to a "talker"...
I think I just started. And this is something my mom has told me FOREVER. but it's so hard to listen to somebody really have to live it..and figure it out the hard way..for things to really sink in..she knew this from her life experience..and I needed to log some experiences before it made sense for me.
Even though I have 2 followers (including myself) I write this blog like a million girls are reading..I'm faking it till I make it...I'm putting myself into the shoes of a successful blogger..and walking around in them..I'm wearing the hat of the DO-ER and have thus BECOME one.
Even though these are small steps..just putting them into motion..and maintaining them everyday for a length of time..have put this vessel into a forward trajectory..and a body in motion stays in motion. stays in motion.......BELIEVE THAT!

Tell you suffer from some of the things I mentioned above?
How have you dealt with your lack of direction..and inability to act on your ideas and dreams...?
Are you still wading through the murky waters of the unknown....? Or have you too found your rhythm in the wind and are now full speed ahead..?

Hit me up!

xox rache

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