Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Eating in Thailand

I haven't posted anything on this topic in awhile so I thought I'd shed some light..

In the last few weeks there's been some favourites:
-Scrambled eggs and toast for breakfast
-Tom Yum soup with rice noodles
-Mixed veggies in either ginger + soy, sweet n sour or just soya sauce..with 1/2 the portion of rice

I've had a cup of coffee maybe 3x in the last 2.5 weeks..It's rather expensive..40 baht in most places for an Americano..and 50-60 for a latte. Actually- I shouldn't say it's "expensive" but the prices here don't make much sense.. 
For example, at this restaurant it costs 35 baht for scrambles eggs, 25 baht for 2 slices of toast- so that's 60 baht for a meal..and a latte is the same price as the meal? So it doesn't seem worth it on most days ;)

I alternate the soup from lunch to dinner..everywhere I have tried this soup it tastes slightly different..as the Thai's say "same same-but different"
In this particular restaurant they put a lot of coconut milk in it, and a fair amount of oil- which I'm guessing is palm..which bothers me because both are not the best to be eating everyday!

I tried ordering it without coconut milk, and it was extremely lemony..and had no oil at all..
As I mentioned I've been eating it with rice noodles because they only have egg tofu here, and I really dislike the texture (slimy and soft) but I am concerned with the amount of carbs I'm ingesting..and they do not have brown rice here.

That is the #1 obstacle I have found that stands between me and losing weight as a Vegetarian in Thailand: CARBS. Because I'm not filling up on meat, I crave the carbs to get me to the next meal, but I have been feeling very lethargic lately..and I'm guessing the carbs are to blame (in combination with the heat) They also don't have any bean options...and very little in terms of salads..

If I remove the rice noodles and coconut milk from the soup, and replace the toast for breakfast with fruit, perhaps I would notice some results?
So today is June 5th..we leave to return home on June 23rd..so I have 19 days to try this out..

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