Sunday, May 19, 2013

Losing Weight While Backpacking In Thailand

So in order to maintain current weight, or lose some pounds while backpacking in Thailand, I have been told to avoid:
-Curries made with coconut milk
-Blended beverages like milkshakes, smoothies, thai iced coffee's
-White rice
-Fried spring rolls
-White bread
-Thai salads (the ones with peanut sauces, and sugars added)
-Thai pancakes
-Pad Thai
-Copious amounts of beer and cocktails (duh)

I find this very disheartening, considering it would be rather impossible to backpack around Thailand without consuming some of those foods on a weekly, if not daily basis..white rice???? My god! I don't believe I've come across brown rice since I've been here; and I definately have not seen a slice of flax seed bread! So I am miffed. What in the world should we eat? If you're like me and were actually hoping to LOSE a couple pounds before getting home..

Some Ideas:

-Tom Yum Soup (request that they use minimal oil)
-Hard broiled egg and tons of fresh fruit
-Mixed salads with the oil+vinegar on the SIDE
-Mixed vegetable stir fry with half the rice 
-Spring rolls that aren't fried (the ones wrapped in rice paper)

So for the next 7 days, I'm going to try out these ideas, and see how I feel. By the way- earlier on in the trip, like the first 7-10 days I was eating Pad Thai and green curry like every day...but since I've been ill for the last 7 days I have avoided those two choices entirely. 

Is there anyone else out there who is currently in Thailand, and struggling to find healthy options???
Let me know!!!!!


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  2. So glad you had a lovely experience, we loved having the opportunity to show you the wonders of Thailand and Thailand Backpacking ! Can’t wait to see you back in Thailand for more wonderful foods from Thailand !