Tuesday, May 28, 2013


After writing my previous post about tattoo's, and ending off mentioning my anchor..I was moved by all of the memories that came flooding into my mind...here are a few..

-jumping off the dock into the water with my brother- and getting my gramma to rate our moves out of 10.. 
-sunset boat cruises with my family-sitting at the very front of the boat with my legs dangling, and the wind rushing through my tangled hair... 
-my dad pulling me on waterski's..and then me driving and him while he ski'd barefoot
-picking wild blueberries for morning pancakes...
-pulling garden carrots with my grandma
-having tea parties on my special rock out by the road, and with my white plastic tea set with the red hearts...
-walking through the woods, smoking tea leaves with my brother...thinking we were cool as shit
-making up dances with my friend Jaymie to Britney Spears and Hole- in the same afternoon
-tending to my grandpa's cuts..he'd call for me "noyse!" and I'd get out the Bactine spray and the bandaids
-drinking my grandma's chocolate slimfast thinking she wouldn't notice
-going out with my guy friends to awesome lake parties..blasting Bon Jovi and The Eagles singing and dancing and drinking..
-driving down Storm Bay in my moms Pontiac 6000 at 80 km/hr ripping turns with my bikini tied on to the antenna!
-listening to Metallica and Iced Earth in the Tempo with the hole in the floor
-going to sailing and windsurfing camp..and getting my white sail levels
-getting my boating license
-eating my gramma's delicious pineapple upside down cake for desert
-baking gingerbread cookies with my gramma
-going down to my grampa's workshop, and building doll furniture
-reading cosmo's on the dock suntanning with oil.
-the smell of the pine tree's in the winter air
-writing and singing songs- while drinking red wine and smoking ciggarettes, in the coach house by candle light
-having a drink with my grandparents during "cocktail hour" Appleton's rum and coke, or Vodka and orange juice..always Tropicana...
-having "tidbits" at lunch with my grandparents..(cheddar cheese, kalbassa sausage, sweet pickles, liver wurst & mayo, cream cheese and red pepper jelly on Ritz crackers)

There's sooo many more ....

And even in my older years when working and other obligations have kept me from the lake... when I can make it out on the odd weekend..I still feel the same sense of peace come over me as I drive down Storm Bay Road... and I know that...I am coming home...

xox PC

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