Saturday, May 18, 2013

Making friends and The "Waterfall" Party

We've met so many awesome people at this hostel, and we've met them all at the pool! Couples, single dudes, single girls, name it! And the awesome part is, we've all become like a big crew of friends..
About 13 of us piled into 2 cabs (the back of a pickup truck) and went to the "Waterfall Party" which was described on the hand bill as: "lovely waterfall cascading into shimmering pools" or something along those lines..when we arrived we were dropped off at the mouth of a jungle road, which took about 10 minutes to trek up and into the party spot..we could here the minimalist trance thumping in the jungle humidity.
It was a super cool setting for a party..UV paint stands everywhere, fire dancers, kiosks selling buckets, food etc..right in the middle of a frickin jungle! We got there before 10PM because it was free, and were glad we did so, because we decided to leave about an hour was just too hot and too intense..and Shaun in particular didn't feel comfortable, and more importantly- THERE WAS NO WATERFALL. THERE WAS NO SHIMMERING POOLS. It was stark dry. So although that was a major let down, I'm glad we at least checked it out...

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